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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 19, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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kaepernick end zone, picked off. a fight to the super bowl slips away. and football fans they wear the fall out on their faces after tonight's loss to the seahawks. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> i feel we should have won the game. >> reporter: kaepernick talking about the loss to the seahawks in the champion --
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championship game and the chance to go to the super bowl gone. >> fans are outside waiting for the team to return to the bay area. the players left seattle at about 9:00 to 9:00 -- tonight. even though the fans are disappointed, they're still thanking players for the season. >> by compareson this is what it looked like after the game in seattle. jubilant fans walked out of the stadium cheering their team's victory. and they're beyond excited about seeing their team punch their super bowl ticket. >> we go to julie haener and
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mark ibanez. >> they were there for the highs and the lows. they have more of how the teams are dealing with finishing oh so close, mark and julie. >> reporter: yes, it is a bummer to say the least. as julie and i were just talking off camera. super bowl hopes were so high. >> it was so exciting to be here. i had to set the scene earlier. it was my visit to century field. when we got here, it was rocking. it did live up to that 12th man. it was loud, energized. so much fun took in this stadium. it was just jam packed with the view of the city here off in the distance and kind of a foggy night in seattle. it was a lot of fun. >> the energy did live up to the hype. the 49ers so confident. they got off to a great start.
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to win this game they would have to quiet the crowd a little bit. and it didn't work out. everyone though -- even though they got off to a 10-0 lead, seattle came back in the third quarter and tied things up. but the 49ers ended uptaking the lead back. as collin kaepernick throws deep for bolden. and the 49ers regain the lead. here's the huge play. seattle fourth and sixth they gamble, roll the dice. they go for it. russell wilson a good pass him. but it comes down to the final moments when the 49ers on drive went for the kill in one swoop. kaepernick deep for michael crabtree instead richard sherman deflected the ball. it was picked off by malcolm smith and the 49ers were crushed. when i saw crush, definitely
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their spirits and certainly their comments after the game. >> i'm the best one in the game. when you put me against a star receiver like crabtree. that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> don't you open your mouth about me. >> he's a tv guy. i'm not a tv guy. i play ball. he makes a play and he talks. good play. >> crabtree was a mediocre receiver. mediocre. when you play a game with a mediocre receiver. that's what happens. >> that's like the best play he made all game. guys are beat, we're doing our job. in the end, we just did not finish it at the end. >> reporter: it got really chippy for them at the ends. sherman the former stanford man
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getting into it very verbal. heated exchange. and this rivalry, these two teams will certainly see them going at it again in future years. >> i hope so. >> for now, seattle is happy. they're going to the super bowl to face peyton manning and the broncos in new jersey. >> and we want to hear the 49er faithful. because they were here and ready to see the 49ers defeat the seahawks even before the game started. >> reporter: proudly carrying flags and sporting their 49er gear, even colorful hair. fans were energized and showing their enthusiasm with high hopes for a victory. >> i got a hat, capturing the moment. the only way to do it. inside the stadium as the 49ers took the early lead, fans were
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fueled with excite -pl and challenging the 12th man -- fueled with excitement and challenging the 12th man. >> everybody is so excited for this game. even though it's loud we're being just as loud as well. >> reporter: as time ran out, hopes quickly began to fade and the road to a championship came to a disappointing end. >> i wish they would have came out ditchly but they didn't. >> reporter: there were a lot of long faces as family and friends waited to greet the players coming out of the locker room. although there was a lot of disappoint in the air, fans wanted to show how proud they were of the guys. >> reporter: while he exited the stadium, coach harbaugh didn't stop for interviews but he did exchange a touching hug with a former player and a
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handshake with a fan. >> it was a good hard fought game. both teams played tough and it's hard to beat a team twice in one season. >> reporter: you know it just was. it was a hard fight. it stings and you can tell by the looks of the faces of all the players and coaches as they exited the locker room tonight, they saw a lot of long faces and it was solemn. we knew it was going to be a fight. >> joe fonzi who will be joining us later was in the locker room. he said basically you could hear a pin drop. and there were a lot of very upset 49ers. there's going to be a lot of second guessing. get ready for that with regard to clock management in the final moment. the decision to go for the jugular there instead of using their three time outs they had
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left. the 49ers are going to have a very tumultuous offseason. there's a lot of names being juggled around that won't be part of the 49er picture next year. that's all part of the disappointment and all part of being in the nfl. it's a cut throat business in the nfl. haven't gotten it done in the last three seasons, losing in the super bowl last year, nfc championship in the year prior. proof of it. >> looking positive at seattle. they haven't won in a 30 year history. and maybe when they go to the super bowl it'll be their first chance at winning the super bowl. >> can we go to the 12th man. i heard the noise inside got up to 108 deciables. when you are inside, how loud is it? >> reporter: it is loud.
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i brought ear plugs, i did not need the ear plugs. but it's loud, it's exhilarating. >> it definitely lives up to the hype. they do deserve a lot of credit. they helped the seahawks team a lot to where it actually energizes them. i feel it truly does make a difference on the team. i for once, last time you saw metallica and stood in front of their speakers, that's how loud it was. our team coverage continues now with ktvu's ken wayne. he's live in san francisco. he was among the throng of dedicated fans today. >> reporter: this south of market neighborhood is quiet and empty right now. probably the way a lot of 49er fans feel right now. but just a few hours ago there
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were some high expectations and these bars were filled to capacity. hundreds of fans decked out in red and gold crowded into pedro's cantina. in fact, some couldn't even get in. >> we're not letting anybody in. we're at capacity. we just want to make sure people have a good time. nobody in right now boss, nobody in. >> reporter: san francisco police stops by regularly to check on things. one bar owner says he was told to shut down early. and that's what he did. there was no reason to celebrate any way. >> they went out there and did what they had to do. they fell short but once a fan always a fan. >> just need to come through this time all night long. >> it's been crazy. all these moments have come down to one single play. they go your way everybody freaks out.
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and they don't and everybody gets down. >> there was a lot of energy. >> reporter: and then in the end. >> it was silent. >> reporter: fans pointed out to when novarro bowman went down with an injury. >> that was a fumble. >> are you blaming the game on the refs? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: despite that set back, fans watched as they mounted a last minute drive only to see it come to an ends with kaepernick's last interception. >> we made it. look for us next year. i mean, people make mistakes. that one mistake. man. >> one group of fans told me that they were planning ongoing home tonight and having a group hug to try to get through this. novorro shut down shortly after the game was over. you can see king street is pretty quiet. we're just waiting for the tumble weeds to come blowing
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down. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, thank you ken. from ken we go to debora villalon. she's live from the mission district where police were on hand. >> reporter: last year it was full of fans and officers. and you can see tonight, it's quiet. the loss makes it a whole different ball game for police. >> reporter: you can hear the winds going out of the bars. >> reporter: officers knew they had to be on alert. but tonight the party ended when the game ended. >> we're all niner fans. we want to see them win but it'll make for a quieter night for us. >> reporter: there were
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scattered arrests. mostly for fighting. but nothing like those for fires. the city's extra vigilance was appreciated by this family. three generations watching the game on shot well street. >> we have young ones out there. it'll be safe for them. >> reporter: determined to make sure their block stayeded safe, win or lose. >> we're from san francisco, you have to mess with san francisco property? no, you don't want to blow up stuff and burn stuff. no. keep our city clean, safe, under control. >> they did a little bit of protective measure with the trolley stop. >> reporter: this family came to the mission to watch the game. aware there's been conflict in the past but confident with
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security. >> reporter: i checked as the newscast was starting, and mission said it's still counting but made only a few arrests so far. by morning, nummi will have restored their trains and buses who were taken offline. and we want to go to santa clara. you have some 49er faithful waiting for the arrival. of the team. you have dozens of fans outside of the training facility there in santa clara waiting for the san francisco 49ers to return after their heartbreaking loss to the seattle seahawks tonight. and for more on the 49ers road to the nfc championship game including fan photos you can go to you can watch the super bowl right here on ktvu coming up in
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two weeks. tragedy mitt the bay area family for a second time in three weeks -- tragedy hit a bay area family for a sec time in three weeks. controversial remarks about marijuana. the compareson president obama made about that drug that is raising some eyebrows. and san francisco rescued from the cost of bat kid. how the city is getting out of paying a six figure tab.
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just days after bay area one sun, an east bay mother loses another. today the mother's son and another young man were both gunned down in a brazen shooting. cristina rendon is live after talking to the victim's family. >> reporter: the family of 13- year-old lee weathersby iii is mourning again. they say 19-year-old lemar brussard and his friend were gunned down in their car. lamar had just buried his little brother last week. mccoy, lee and lamar's aunt says the family is in disbelief. >> now we have to deal with
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something like this. our family has never dealt with death like this. >> reporter: oakland police say the two men were targeted as they were driving near 100th aver and long fellow. they believe the shooters drove up next to the men and fired over a dozen shots shattering the car's window and killing the men instantly. >> it's just sad that they're killing each other like this. already you have a 19 and 13- year-old brother that are gone. >> reporter: he can't imagine what lee and lamar's mother is going through. >> both of her sons are gone. >> reporter: living through another heartbreak is too much to bear. >> it's just a tragedy that could have been avoided. could have been avoided. >> reporter: police have not released the identity of the
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second victim. they're also keeping quiet of the cause. but they're asking the public for any information that could help them solve this crime. a man shot while driving near vallejo city hall yesterday has died. police say the victim 25-year- old michael williams of vallejo was shot at 2:30 yesterday afternoon near santa clara at capital streets. when officers arrived they found williams unconscious in the driver's seat and his car. so far there is no word of any arrests. now to contra costa county where homicide investigators in oakly are looking into a shooting that left a man dead. they received reports of -- officers found a 23-year-old man suffering from a gunshot. he ended up dying on the scene.
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police have not released the victim's name or any information on any arrests. investigators are looking into a fire at a construction company in san jose that injured one person. firefighters were called to the scene in the 1800 block of almendon road at about 11:30 this morning. it kept the flames from doing a lot of damage. and they also stopped the fire from spreading to other buildings. the injured employees suffered smoke inhalations. people who live near the oakland airport may have noticed a little more jet noise today. commercial flights were routed to the north runways while crews did work on the south runway. arrivals affected people in the west gate part of san leandro and departing flights affected alameda. another story of good will from the day in san francisco
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to make bat boy's day come true. a couple has agreed to pick up the tab. you may remember, it was back in november that miles got a special day as bat boy. the money will go for renting a sound system, video screen and other equipment. there's controversy tonight surrounding president obama's recent comments about marijuana. in an interview with the new yorkers, the president said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol and he called smoking marijuana a bad habit similar to smoking cigarettes. he told the magazine he smoked marijuana when he was younger. but he also added it's not something he encourages. recreational marijuana use is still against federal law but the obama administration has given states permission to
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experiment with pot regulation. the drought is changing the way restaurants use water. in fact, this sacramento restaurant is only serving water upon request. and dish washers are maximizing each load before it goes into the machine. sacramento county is urging residents to limit their consumption by 20 to 30%. residents in sonoma, napa and solano county can no longer burn their burn piles. at least 10 police officers are seriously hurt in this protest. the new law that ignited fiery street fights.
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and more allegations swirling around chris christie. who the new jersey governor is accused of threatening in order to get support behind a project. right after the break we're going to take a look at the rest of your holiday weekend and there's some wind coming that's going to cause increased fire danger in the five day forecast. we'll talk about that as well.
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protesters in the ukraine capital denounce tough new legislation. mass demonstrators attacked the line of police with sticks. they also threw smoke bombs and hurled fireworks at the officers. police appeared to show restraint during the demonstration. the political opposition say it is law was rushed through parliament last week and paves the way for a police state. an ominous threat today from the suspected bombers who hit russia last month. they are warning of more attacks at the sochi olympic
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games. this video appeared on a sochi website today. it apparently shows two bombers behind a train attack last month. in the video the men say they are preparing a present for the touristics who are coming to russia. president putin has said that the games will be safe. the event represents an attractive event for terrorists. syria's main political opposition is threatening to pull out of the peace conference scheduled to begin on wednesday, unless an
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invitation to tehran is removed. more allegations are swirling around governor chris christie. the project involved the rockefeller group. >> the fact is she came, the lieutenant governor called me inside and said, essentially you have to move forward with the rockefeller project. she said the project is very important to the governor. and she said that it was a direct message from the governor. >> the governor called the realization categorically wrong. those lane closures caused four days of major traffic jams last
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september. whooping cough on the rise. plus raising their voices for an icon. how a local civil rights leader remembers and honors the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. changing communion. how catholic churches are guarding against the flu. i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found!
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of the younger generation, stop inspiring to be rappers, stop hip hopping down, be college bound. >> fourth graders and fifth graders in houston took part this weekend in an oratory contest in honor of martin
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luther king day. the idea of these speeches was to capture the i have a dream speech if it were given today. anne rubin sat down with anne williams today to talk about king, his legacy and how williams hopes to use his experience to inspire others. >> get up, use your mind, use your heart. use your soul. but use your life. >> reporter: his words a call to action at glide. his words aimed to inspire others like he was inspired by martin luther king. >> at times it seemed like history was beating us down. >> reporter: williams was with king in washington and to the march in selma to montgomery.
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then there was the march home. >> he woke up us in order to right injustices. >> reporter: with his wife by his side, that's what williams did. >> they moved me. and i'm glad they were there to move me to do something in this world. >> reporter: and though he has been inspired by king and by nelson mandela and other great leaders, he believes he will be led by others too. >> i am convinced of that. that there will be others. >> i was really touched today with the service that took place today. i wasn't expecting it. >> there's still more work to be done in this country. >> some took the reverend's words to heart and plan to start by sweeping the floors outside of the glide church tomorrow. >> do the things they do. try to be the kind of person
10:33 pm
they were. and you know, love everybody. >> reporter: in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. south bay students have been invited to enter a civics contest based on martin luther king's i have a dream speech. high school students can submit a 750 word essay on how martin luther king and the civics movement in the whole has changed their future. winners will receive cash and medals. they will be announced in april. a martin luther king day tradition continues tomorrow with the 29th annual freedom train. the train leaves from the san jose caltrain station tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and goes to san francisco where there's a big rally planned. the freedom train is meant to
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commemorate the distance walked by king and others. police want to know who is behind the fliers that show a woman with a swastika on her fore head. the fly fliers show libby schaaf and they say stop schaaf, stop dac. well -- would require toy guns to look clearly different from real ones. other bills will be reworked and introduced like new bills. among them an internet gambling bill. and recruiting farm workers
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from other countries. new figures show a resurgence of whooping cough in california last year. there were 100 more cases of whooping cough in 2013 compared to the previous year. the state sited several reasons including more parents opting out of vaccinations and not enough children ages 11 to 12 receiving their booster shots. some catholic churches are taking precautions against the flu and a few changes in long held rituals. they are suggesting to parishioners that instead of shaking hands as a sign of peace they bow or nod. some kh√°urplgs are also offer -- churches are also offering communion without a chalice of wine which is shared by parishioners of the church. and snow in the sierra may soon sit idle. more warm weather in the dead of winter. our meteorologist, chief meteorologist joins us next with when this weather will take a dangerous turn. giving you another live
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look now at the 49ers headquarters there in santa clara. where fans have lined up to greet the kings. we will have a live update from ktvu's sports director mark ibanez. he's live in seattle coming up in sports wrap. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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take a look. this is what it looked like today in the slopes of heavenly. we're told all of the snow there is manmade. but with the drought it'll be difficult to use water to make more snow. >> if today is any indication it doesn't look like we're getting any rain any time soon.
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it was spectacular out there. >> it continues. this unusual weather is continuing. other cities these are the numbers and well above the average. you're not expecting upper 60s and low 70s in january. but here we are with 78 degrees in morgan hill. like i said 79 in gilroy. that was a record. as we go through this week things are going to cool down a little bit. we have fog showing up along the coast. we have fog showing up in monterey bay. we haven't seen that in a while. down in salinas there's some fog. that will cool things off a little bit more. we see more high clouds filtering in. those clouds do not represent the chance of rain they really just represent high clouds and a chance for cooling and when i say cooling it's going to be subtle coolingful right now it's nice outside. we have temperatures that are in the 30s in napa. 40 in santa rosa and 44 in concord. it's going to get cold overnight. we're getting down into the
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upper 20s. and 40 in san jose. mostly clear and cold tonight. increasing fire danger as we head in the extended forecast. as this high pressure sets up tomorrow. it's going to slowly weaken. as it weakens this low is going to come in. it's not going to bring us rain. it's going to drop off on the east coast of the sierra. it's going to increase the wind. we're going to see temperatures drop with that. on thursday, we're going to see that increase in winds create fire danger. with these winds, thursday and friday we may see some kind of red flag warning. so we'll be tracking that for you. these are our forecast highs for tomorrow. 69 in napa. a lot like what we had today. maybe a little bit cooler. that's because of the coastal fog a little bit of high cloud cover. and maybe a little bit of fog toward santa cruz and monterey. 70 in livermore. for many of you this is your holiday forecast high temperatures and it's going to be stunning. i mean if you have relatives in town and you're showing them
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around, it doesn't get nicer with this type of weather. i don't think we'll see fog in san francisco or pacifica. the five day forecast with your weekend in view. slightly cooler on tuesday. a little cooler on wednesday. there comes the wind. fire danger comes up on thursday and friday. and then as we get into the bay area weekend next weekend. you see temperatures stabilize. i know we need the rain. and it's not showing up in this five day forecast. the next chance for rain when i look way out there some where around february. i know. february2nd, third there looks like something is developing in the long range models. it could bring us a few systems, but that's still a ways out. next in sports wrap, we are going to go back to seattle. more on today's nfc championship game that unfortunately did not go the 49ers way. a live report though is coming up next.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. it wasn't the 12th man, it wasn't the pacific northwest weather it was some questionable calls, bad decisions and serious injuries that prevents the 49ers from returning to the super bowl. seahawks owner paul ellen allowed a record crowd witness the championship. smith attacks and strips the ball from quarterback russell wilson. smith recovers it.
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it's 49ers ball at the 15-yard line. but they can only convert this big play into a field goal. collin kaepernick. jim harbaugh calls him a gazelle. and look at these long strides. collin glides for a career high 58-yard gainer. he takes it to seattle's 10- yard line. he finishes with 135 yards rushing. and two of them are named collin kaepernick. anthony dixon coming up and is able to turn that drive. it proved costly because he left the game with a serious ankle injury. one of several key injuries in the game. san francisco led 10-3 at halftime. he tried to contain lynch. but


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